Sunday, May 15, 2011

spring cleaning

soooo my cousin motivated me to start cleaning up my house is a MESSSS and i figured since prom is next week, it would be nice to have a clean house to get picked up i was cleaning i found some of the most precious things! i found stuff from like fifth grade and it was amazing to see how much everyone has grown...i can't imagine being like 23, graduating from college and looking back on senior year....oh man...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

seven days

seven more days till prommm!!!!! i've got the dress, the shoes, the jewlery, the make-up...the date :) i cannot believe it's sooo close! i remember watching movies/tv shows when i was little and wondering what my prom would be like...and now i actually get to find out! eep!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

He loves me, he loves me not

yesterday was the last day of our senior meetings. we chilled in the gym and wasted time...but my friend gave me some...interesting news...apparently my on/off crush likes me...funny cause the last time i talked to him he was 'madly in love' with this other girl...every time i talk to him he always brings up this other girl he likes and i totally understand cause i mean we are friends..but every time he brought up this other girl i felt more and more self i don't know what to think anymore...first he likes me, then he likes this other girl, then me, then her, and now me????? ughhh....boys...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


today was our senior picnic, SO MUCH FUN...except for my sunburn :( my friends and i enjoyed singing, playing music, and just hanging out, having fun! im so blessed to have such cool friends :) i also met up with an old friend today over hurt almost as much as my sunburn. this friend was a great role model until they left the church and became a total stranger...i really wish i had the words to say to change i guess all in all today was a bittersweet day...and God has been teaching me that His will overpowers EVERYTHING!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


this song describes exactly how i feel at the moment. there's this guy...i'll name blob and i liked each other our junior year on and off until now. i currently have a slight crush on him and he...well i don't know how he feels...he asked me to one of the most important dances EVER and i said yes...blob then starts to tell me about this girl he likes...we'll name her...blobette...i don't know blobette at all but just the fact that he talks about her so much makes me self-conscious...i've told him how i felt but some guys are just...well guys! so this song is about someone who cannot make up their mind and is making the other person (me)'s actually kind of ironic...i like blob but want to stop liking blob because he plays crazy mind games and blob wants to stop liking blobette for the same reasons...hmmm...

Monday, May 9, 2011

patience, love, acceptance

three words. three actions. three things that will get one far in life. three things that i have very little of...

today was day one of cst's at school and since i am a senior i did not have to take the test. this was a blessing and a curse. the senior class of 2011 had to sit in the auditorium for two hours doing nothing then we spent another three hours waiting in lines to get "cleared" for graduation. for those five very looong hours, my patience was tested beyond belief! trying to deal with the idiotic administration, the crazy people, and little things here and there was unbelievably difficult. not being able to eat, sleep, relax all day...not good...

for five hours i was with one of my best friends. this best friend is a guy and we have a very...interesting relationship. we have known each other since freshman year and for the longest time i thought he was a little..well...not straight ( the guy sang high school musical and hannah montana in the middle of class! ) earlier this year i received an anonymous valentine, turns out it was from this friend and i thought it was just him being a good friend...noooo...i find out from another source that he has liked me since freshman year...ever since valentine's day, things have been...different. he began acting less like the crazy, immature him, he became, quiet, and sad...and things between us became very awkward on my side. whenever i talked to him he would answer five seconds after i asked the question and during those extra five seconds he would stand there and just stare at me...and as much as i hate to say it, he has become some what of a nuisance to me...i am very irritated with the fact that my best friend likes me, that's NOT right! and i have a hard time just loving him now...before no problem i loved him so much but as a brother, now, i am just frustrated with him! the way he just doesn't give a care about anything, the way he just sits and stares, EVERYTHING...i hate not being able to love...

we are not all given the same amount of of the greatest things i have learned from reading The Great Gatsby. this is a very difficult concept for me to grasp. trying to remember that not everyone things the same way nor do they all have the same morals is something that i have been trying to learn. by understanding this concept, i think it would be easier to accept others for who they are and whatever their circumstances may be. this is something that i wish i had remembered today, being around certain people i just think to myself, WHAT THE HECK?! but they do not have the same mind as me, they were not brought up like me, they are not me!

without patience we cannot develop acceptance, and without acceptance, we cannot love.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

the day most mothers look foward to. a day to relax and let the kids take care of themselves for once. this mother's day we're continuing our tradtition of having dinner at the "happiest place on earth." what better way to celebrate our mother than eating at disneyland?! :) my mom is the GREATEST mom EVER! not only is she my mother but she is my best friend, someone i can go to when things go bad, when there's a new boy that's got my eye, or when i just need someone to complain to. she takes care of my sister and i and she is sooooo strong. my mom is my role model, a strong, amazing woman of God. even though we don't always see eye to eye, we know that we love each other more than anythingggg. i am so glad God created moms, especially mine :) happy mother's day <3